rental week 51Hello everyone! We have a week 51( Christmas week), from Dec19-Dec26,2015, for rent at Paradise Beach Villas(PBV).This a 1Bdrm. unit, with Garden view, sleeps 4 people, and is equipped with all needed perks( stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.)...Rental fee is only $ 1000, and that covers all your common charges and surcharges...we take care of the rest....You just pay this, and enjoy your stay( restaurant charges+internet are not included)...if interested, contact me, and will try to answer any of your prices will be going down soon( I am waiting too till September or October)...Thanks for looking and have a nice day....ohh, and if interested to buy it- we can talk and will discus the $$$. Thanks again.To any interested party, here`s how it works: 1) wee agree on the amount,2) I call reservation service at PBV,and make sure, that your name is on the guest list, and you get a confirmation,3) you send me a payment ...And, everyone is HAPPY.!! How is that sounds...that`s the way we did it last year, and few other in the past. Good luck, and enjoy your day.And if you are interested to buy it too, we can talk, on PVT message..