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Thread: Buffam's Tropical Haven

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    Buffam's Tropical Haven

    A friend of mine (who was born on the island and now lives here full time) invited me to a visit at Buffam's Tropical Haven, which is located near the Sasaki Texaco. We had a great time visiting with the owner, who is a friend of his. All my days driving around, I was sorry to have missed this place.

    It is a great alternative to hotels and other places to stay. There are only three rooms that are well appointed with a decent sized fridge where you can stock up and avoid the mini-bar robbery rates. No worries about things being crowded. It's kind of like having your own place without the hassles. A nice pool and comfortable areas are available for relaxation and such. Rates are very reasonable for such a convenient location and personal service.

    For photos and links, check out my post here:

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    Do you know if this place has hot water?

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