Hate to plug my house - but our house can be split into 2 units - the season is 10 months and we are across the street from the beach.
Great business opportunity - all you have to do is a little moderation in the house and you will have no problem renting. This is a prime
location by boca catalina and arashi. The back is a wildlife sanctuary so you know it won't be touched.

I have unfortunately not kept up 100% due to my father being in last stage of dementia and going on his 3rd period of "he'd going
to die in 6 months". He can not do anything. I pray to god that he has mercy and take him home soon. I also pray for my family
and the legal guardian leave me alone and stop worrying about money and show some semblance that you actually care about him.
Oh yeah - the stress has hit me with a 2x4 - got big problems w/ eyes, intestines and migraines.
We are on top of some things as we speak. Not a "big thing" but just want to be honest

I just had to lower the price to 799K 5 beds/baths = but can be split into 2 units with 2 beds/baths and a guest room with 1 beds/baths

Contact me at info@arubakitten.org if you are interested and what happened when you contacted the realtor.