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Thread: Question about Villa Rental

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    Question about Villa Rental

    We rented a Villa in Salina Cerica for our upcoming vacation. I have spent the last several day reading much on this forum and saw quite a few threads on home break-ins. Now I am wondering, if I should have went with a hotel stay.

    Can anyone provide information on either the Villa or the area that it is in. Or if there was a better area that I should have rented in?

    This is our first trip to Aruba and we are bringing our children. I do not want to place them in situation that could be a problem.

    I thank you in advance for your help.


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    here is the link to salina cerica.
    i would contact the management co. and make inquiries about home security system and also to see if there is a room safe/unit safe.

    the break ins are not widespread or frequent.

    a timeshare resort such as costa linda, la qinta or lacabana or divi or playa linda or marriott ocean or surf, you could get a unit on the beach or very close to the beach, with resort security, and good sleeping capacity.

    welcome to the community forum danielle!

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    If you rent a villa or a condo, make sure it is in a gated community.

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    You are looking at a four bedroom villa. Four rooms in a hotel would be very expensive. A gated community does not insure you against break ins. we just came back after renting a villa. Felt safe even with the security system not working. High walls and area that was secluded from traffic gave us a secure fealing. The web site listed security system, But for some rreason it was not connected. My guess is that they did not want to respond to calls due to the distance. As I mentioned in another post we had a few problems like no hot water or ac in the living room. Included in the rental fee is an allowance for water and electricity. You have to pay over the allowance. If you have a pool it needs to be kept filled and that adds to your usage. I still can"t see using $250.00 in water and electricity with no hot water or ac in the living room.
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