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Thread: Airline Snacks

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    Most of the time in first and business class the assorted nuts are warmed and served in a glass dish. In coach you get to open the bag of peanuts yourself, if you can find any to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    Were they as good as the article claims?
    YES, I think so at least.

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    I tried the Peek Freans on my flight last night... You know what? They were REALLY good. Not Midway chocolate chip cookie good but close!

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    I usually carry snacks on from home on way down and then hit the "chocolate" goodies for the trip back....When we get the occasional upgrade to 1st we get the warmed nuts but now that usair is automatic upgrades unless you have some 500 mile upgrades banked...:-(
    may have to jump loyalties into an argument with an aa manager because they changed our november flights, didn't inform us, separated us (myself & Dh), and took us through Miami instead of Philly...and Was told not very nicely that usair "is no longer" and they would "try" to help me but no guarantee....I was floored. I asked why they would separate us when there were available seats together and she had some nonsense reply that amounted to they just don't care....
    so now, where did you guys say the best nuts are ????? I am jumping ship !!!!!1

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