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Thread: Any type 1 diabetics?

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    Any type 1 diabetics?

    Came home from vacation to find out my little one has high blood sugar. Just looking for anyone that may have some free snack tips or anything to share with us. I feel bad for my son but I have to be strong for him and my family. Once we get on a routine it will be like anything else but the adjustment is challenging now.

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    challenging is a good word.

    one of your best resources is the school nurse!!

    also i am sure you and your wife will be meeting with a nutritionist often early on in this adventure, so make sure you take lots of notes.

    from what i have read and over many years of dieting........ it is all about carbs, natural sugars and water soluble fiber. eating lots of natural fruit may sound like the wise thing but that is loaded with sugar (natural).

    let google be your friend and try to find others from your area that are dealing with the same issues.

    good luck mark, it is a challenge, but he will be fine and will be come very very self sufficient as he gets older.

    i had 2 swim team kids w/ type 1 and those kids were the most responsible and aware kids i have ever met. they had to be.

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    Sorry to hear that news. I was diagnosed with Type 2 just before leaving for Aruba and it has been a reality check. I have found tons of info on the web, and there are a number of diabetic cookbooks available. If you check Amazon you'll find some good descriptions and reviews. Snacks are tough for kids. Maybe try some edamame; kids usually like to to pop the seeds out of the pods in the fresh ones. Hopefully, it won't be Type I and you'll be able to help make diet adjustments to control the sugars.

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    I hope it doesn't turn into anything but high sugar! I have a 22 year old son who was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 13. He has done very well, but it has been a challenge for sure. 13+ boys love junk food and while he wasn't always great at it, he did very well through his teenage years. He kept up with his school work and played youth and high school hockey. He was lucky to have another boy on the team who had Type 1 since the age of 2 so he helped alot. Exercise is a great way to lower your sugar overall. Know that sometimes during the activity it will go up, but it comes back down and helps keep it down overall. As to the snack question, it is tough. Everything has sugar in it include fruit and carbs. Moderation is the key and there are alot more sugar-free products out there now than there was 10 years ago. If it does turn into something else, they have come so far in the last ten years. I know it's tough now, but it is a workable disease. My son has done well and as he has said many times, it could be worse. Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me anytime if I can help.

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    Type 2 here, big diet change and meds help out alot. It's true about Google, found out a lot of info there but a nutritionalist is your best bet. Good luck!

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