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Thread: attention Pregnant travellers

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    Exclamation attention Pregnant travellers

    With all this talk about the Zika virus and so many people going on "babymoons" there is something very serious to consider and that is insurance coverage. While you (the pregnant person) have medical coverage your unborn baby does not. You can not get coverage on a fetus. Many people forget that after 24 weeks of gestation your baby is viable and the cost of medical care will be astronomical and could very well bankrupt you.

    Too many families don't consider this and just assume that if their doctor says they are safe to travel then they are good to go. A doctor is not an insurance company. I have attached an article below, while it is Canadian I would assume that this may still hold true for other countries.

    So before you leave home to go to Aruba or anywhere else, double check with your insurance company to make sure that if you go into early labour (and one never knows) will your new baby be covered.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    Randi....very enlightening and thought provoking. Thank you.
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    I work with a women who told me her daughter and husband are going to Aruba during the same time as me, staying at the Ritz. Her daughter is pregnant and did not seem to worry about the Zica virus. I am glad she did not ask my opinion because I struggle not giving it when asked, even when you don't want my answer. The only exception to this is, "Honey, does this look good on me?" and of course the answer is yes, lol.

    Great info, I was unaware the baby was not covered until born, and being born out of the country would be a potential financial disaster based on this article, thanks.

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    Lifelong disaster .....based on a selfish desire for vacation......SMH

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    Any Aruba beach...
    How a Caribbean island became prime source of U.S. Zika cases

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