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Thread: Back from our fishing trip...

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    Smile Back from our fishing trip...

    In an earlier thread about mosquitoes I offered Andrea a video about a mosquitoes test....

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i want the video!!!

    there were a fair amount of mosquitos at the river's edge.
    100 yds away on our farmer's porch-none!

    Sorry Andrea but nobody was brave enough to try the Bounce sheets at sunset...
    During the day it was not a problem at all only a few deer flies from time to time and these are big and slow so easy to kill...

    But at sunset... no way!
    About fifty plus mosquitoes around each person...
    We had to spray ourselves each hour to stay untouched...
    So if the Bounce is effective it will proven another time if you don't mind...

    But to help you forgive me here's two videos about the wildlife and the lake instead...

    As for the fishing trip results... we were able to catch two sunburns and one big trout...
    The only good side to that result is that it was one more fish then most fishermans we've meet.
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