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Thread: Better travel deals on phones than computers

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    Better travel deals on phones than computers

    Last night I saw this on ABC news. It ran in NY in April. It was interesting and I know I will check next time I book a hotel room. Basically, you may find that the same site (the article talked about hotels) on your phone will give you a better deal than on your laptop/desktop for the exact same room. It didn't mention tablets at all in the story. I don't know if this is the same for airfare or general shopping, but I will eventually check it out.
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    yes indeed.
    i saw that too.
    they were using a hotel in vegas as an example.

    also, if you try to book hotels (for example) using different browsers, you may get different prices.
    here is a link that was created a few days ago about just that
    Different airfare prices in different internet browsers at the same time

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