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Thread: Big jackpot winner from my City

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    In Massachusetts you can claim your prize annonymously so I'm a little surprised she came forward so soon. She stated that she just wanted to get it over with. Unfortunately, she really could use the advice of professionals.
    Or the advice from all of us (of course for a small fee) A DJ (if they are still called DJ's) from our local station offered to date her and he was willing to buy her a Costco size Juice Fruit gum Hopefully once everything sinks in she can get some help from someone trustworthy
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    She's probably had to disconnect her phone by now.

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    i noticed the gum, too. Drove me nuts. Too many years in the classroom I guess.

    If I won I'd:
    1) consult my with my Certified Financial Planner, who just happen to be my hubby
    2) try not to have my name known because I know who will come out of the woodwork
    3) take care of my family and friends, but in a manner that they won't blow it all-in a trust or something so they get x number of $ a year-I know these people
    4) donate much more to the charities of our choice
    5) buy a better place in Aruba, and at the shore near here
    6) fix up my house and have someone else do the work rather than me or maybe build a new one
    7) get a new car
    8) let hubby build a special building for all his classic cars and let him have his dream of his own classic car museum
    9) sell the rental property-no more deadbeat tenants
    10) get a personal trainer to help me get healthy to enjoy 11) all the traveling we will do

    About 10 years ago, a coworker's ex husband and his new wife had one of 4 tickets that split about $330 million. He refused to listen to the advice of the experts and did what he wanted. He gave his adult kids some money up front, but since he refused to listen to advice, they had to pay a huge amount in taxes. They kids did use some of what he gave them to buy their mom a new car because they understood the sacrifices she made for them The ex husband was a real piece of work. He didn't give the kids a dime once they had turned 18 (before he won the money even though he had a great job). He pretty much keep whatever he got from the lottery winnings for himself-no real donations or trust funds for the kids, etc. Very sad.
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