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Thread: black friday purchases?

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    black friday purchases?

    so, who bought something either yesterday or today with black friday or thanksgiving day specials?

    we have been in the market for a flat screen HD 40" tv for our lanai.
    we already have a 40" hd in our family room (bought in 2008 for $1200 YIKES)
    so we have been looking but not willing to pay over $300.
    today a neighbor texted me and said check out amazon....
    there on amazon was an LG LED 40" with good rating for $258.
    we grabbed it and free shipping too delivery Dec 6.

    aside from getting a haircut later today..that is all the shopping/spending money we plan on doing today!

    i am however looking for a rolling tote for my ceramic class supplies.
    walmart had them for $25 online with site to store delivery, but i was not quick enough.
    may check out michaels or joann when the crowds die down next week.

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    I had seen an ad on TV for an item my grandson wanted. It was going to be half price Thanksgiving night from 5:00PM to 9:00PM. So I logged on, found it, bought it and will pick it up from my front porch when it arrives. Much better way to shop than those folks who have been lined up outside Best Buy in MA since 7:00AM Thursday morning for a midnight opening. Madness.

    I often wonder, if stores all stayed closed on Thanksgiving and didn't open until their regular hours on Friday, would they sell less?

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    LOL, we take advantage of "sales" all year round and have been finished with our Christmas shopping for a couple of months. Good score on the TV though.

    My cousin and I were just talking about this controversy surrounding stores opening Thanksgiving night. As she reminded me, there ARE businesses which have ALWAYS been open on Thanksgiving, as well as many other holidays. Have you ever been inside an airport on Thanksgiving or Christmas? All of the restaurants and shops are open. Your favorite convenience store will be open for your "big gulp" AND the gas station will get you to where you have to go. I was also reminded of my first husband who worked for the NJ Turnpike Authority in their traffic operations center and if he did not work Thanksgiving he worked Christmas. Most if not all employees who work these holidays are being compensated financially. When i worked in retail I ALWAYS volunteered to work holidays. 2 extra vacation days off for every holiday worked meant more time in ARUBA.

    For YEARS our family ate Thanksgiving dinner early followed by a late afternoon at the movie theater. How about all of the vendors, ticket takers, grounds people, etc. who work the FOOTBALL GAMES???

    It IS about the almighty dollar. I worked in retail for about 10 years. I can tell you that it is the "special" prices which draw people in. It doesn't matter what day of the week they are offered.

    Divi/Tamarijn Cyber Monday deal the PERFECT example. It wouldn't matter what day of the week, if you wanted that terrific deal are you not going to make yourself available to take advantage of it?
    Heads up: Tam/Divi doing their Cyber Monder 50% sale on 12/2 for 24 hours

    stepping off my soapbox now

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    Bought 3 tablets @$58.00 each.There list price was $219.00 each.Extra Xmas gift for the grandkids.

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    We got some really practical deals. A 17' ladder similar to the little giant style that can have multiple set ups - got it for only $99, regular price $160. My husband works in a large electrical supply warehouse so he needs durable shoes and jeans for work. He is rough on jeans and we found a style that works out really well at Target normal price is around $25, got them online at Target for $11/pair, bought 5 so we got free shipping. Hopefully they will last a year without holes! The jeans are durable, just the person wearing them is just always in a hurry and very rough on them! He also wears Red Wing steel toes boots and they had 20% off till noon, so we saved $35 on something we would have bought anyway. Plus 2 pairs of sneakers for $63, normal price would have been $110.

    As for the stores opening on Thursday, I have mixed feelings. I went out on Friday to a few places and they seemed less crowded than normal. I think the black Friday crowd in our area just moved to Thursday night. I don't see the need for retail stores to be open Thanksgiving, why not just wait till the next day? Its the same people with the same money to spend. And a lot of the mall stores in our area did not pay extra for the overnight or holiday. That's the part I have a problem with, I would like to see people compensated. Stores like Target and Toys R Us do pay time and a half for these shifts so that I do support. My brother missed our family dinner so he could prepare for an all night shift at the cell phone store where he works. He relies heavily on commission so I was glad to see people out shopping for his sake. His pregnant girlfriend got off work at 2am and had to be back at 7am to work at Michaels the craft store. We have a few grocery store workers in our family too that worked very hard last week.

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    This is the first year in many years that I didn't go out to the stores & I'm really sad about it! Did some online shopping but that's it. I feel like I missed out on the whole experience.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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