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Thread: Cape Cod Traffic...AARGGHHHH

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    Cape Cod Traffic...AARGGHHHH

    So, my mistake to run up to Target today (Sat. afternnon) -- as soon as I went over the bridge, I realized I was in deep doodoo for the ride back onto the Cape! Traffic was STOPPED for miles and miles. Did a few other errands and then headed back at 4:30, thinking things must be better by now. Nope, just as bad! Took the back roads off the highway, but of course everyone knows them now (thanks so much GPS!!!) A 20 minute ride took me over anhour....
    I love summer, and the weather, but the traffic stinks! (there's another word I want to use...) So much traffic, so many people..........I know we need them for the economy, but sometimes it's just RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's better, I needed to vent!
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    ahh fond memories (not) rte 28 on a rainy day thru yarmouth and hyannis yuk

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