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Thread: Christmas Memories - As An Adult

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela Munzenhofer View Post
    When we left I was sad to not have seen snow, A Green Christmas it was and I asked my son on the plane back to Aruba how he enjoyed his vacation without snow, he replied ' Mom Christmas is not about snow its about Jesus being born and gathering by the fireplace, spending time with your family and awesome fun with our cousins, he gave me a bear hug and said ' don't worry mom it will snow again'.
    Amazing what we can learn from our own children, isn't it!
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    My memorable christmas was last year... Not really a very special but I can't forget what I experience then... I was sitting at the throne in the bathroom then when I am about to flush it out I saw a long snakes... OMG! It's 4 ft. long... It's not a joke it really happened and I'm scared to death when I realize that I am sitting there for almost 5 minutes and I didn't notice the snake is just beside me

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