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Thread: Cold/Frigid Weather

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    Woo Hoo!! the mercury just skyrocketed up to a balmy 17 degrees!!

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    I hate to make u all feel bad, we here in California are having a heat wave in the 70F, but we will pay in the summer with no water.

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    If you were at the California Lighthouse, 70 would be considered very unwelcome!! There are times at the Lighthouse that water would be scarce as well!!!! I am just kidding, and wishing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post

    Never affected us when we walked 2 miles to school in 5 inches of snow uphill in single digit weather!
    ....and...that was UPHILL in BOTH directions, right Arubalisa?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    ....and...that was UPHILL in BOTH directions, right Arubalisa?
    Hmm...let me think ...I lived on Beverly HILL Rd

    ...still remember the walk like it was yesterday...
    down the hill,
    up the next hill,
    down the next hill,
    down another hill...
    too tired to walk home for lunch...

    Reverse at the end of the day. Up hill, up hill, down hill, up hill...

    LOVED sleeping at my grandparents house on school nights, they lived 3/4 of the way closer and it was ALL down hill the entire way to school.

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