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Thread: Curious and would like some feedback

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    Absolutely agree with you, Gaby.

    E-book well done, including proof-reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    Though I love a hardcover book, it is inconvenient & eventually cumbersome in the home. I have fallen in love with e-reading because it's convenient & weighs nothing. Having said that, I can not emphasize enough about proof reading. Nothing makes me think a writer is an amateur like an unproofed book. It is a huge problem with downloads. And if you read reviews on different books on Amazon, I would say the majority of the low star ratings is due to proof reading. So if you go that route, hire a proof reader.
    Hi Gaby

    Couldn't agree more about proofing. Also, just as important is a good editor. In my case the fictional work is based upon real historical events. Laying in dates, places, ages can be very difficult and then overlaying the story. In addition there is the difference with ethnic cultures and language in the story. All this makes proofing critical. To date the excerpts distributed on a limited basis have identified some issues...none large. The manuscript has been read through by a well known author, song writer and playwright who is also President of the Writers Guild. Hopefully by taking these steps the completed work will be OK


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    E-reader here and probably much easier for you to self publish.

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    E Reader for me.... Kindle Paperwhite. Love the convenience, love to read in bed with the lights off. Love being able to read it on the beach.

    i actually threw out a paper book recently and re-purchased as a download.
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    e-readers are the way to go for me. Compact, convenient and no need to store the physical book once you're done reading. Excited to learn more & read your book!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    It took me a long time to convert, but I am now a Nook e-reader. Much easier to carry around an e-reader than 4-5 books!

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    I'm a huge Kindle fan, I've had one for a few years now. I would also like to offer my services as a beta reader if you are thinking of that. PM me if so. Thanks,

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    Kindle here
    one travels ( paper white) and one sits on my nite stand.
    i convert to iPad for gym reading( font nice and Big)

    the he only books my family prefers are textbooks for school

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    Kindle fan here. I have a problem reading at home in the evenings; I am asleep after 2 pages. It's not the book, it's me. The Kindle (or other e-readers) opens up right at the page where I fell asleep. I'd have to search my book for where I fell asleep. That sounds petty, but it's annoying.

    I have found that another nice reason to use an e-reader is that I can easily determine whether or not I've read a book. In the past I wasn't good about keeping a list of what I had read and when going to the bookstore I was often buying duplicates. With the e-reader, everything stays in one place and is easily accessed.

    I do enjoy walking around a bookstore. I always purchased a book that I wasn't really looking for, I just saw it while in the store. I think perusing an online store is different than being in a physical store. At the physical store you are surrounded by and SEE so many choices. I tend to use the online store for only exactly what I'm looking for. Or, I've seen something at a Barnes n Noble type store then went to the Kindle to look for and buy it.

    So, my question would be: How do you get people to SEE your book in an online store who may not be familiar with you??? An online store doesn't have those big end cap displays, or special "new release" table or even a table in the middle of the store with a grouping of alike books by different authors. If I choose a category, say "travel", in an online store, is that online store only showing me what they want me to see? And, I have to scroll and scroll to see them all? If I go to the travel section in a bookstore, I can see the whole section in front of me.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    We'll of course list on Amazon. A lot of authors give free copy for honest reviews. By building up reviews, amazon lists in top 100, etc. but I am skeptical of free copies because I don't know if it's family writing reviews. Also first list the book for a short time at a very low price or Free. More people will download, you'll get reviews & then you charge for it. I've gotten books listed for free with few reviews but figure who cares, it's free. Loved the book & followed author for new releases or if they had other books, I'd purchase one. Just some thoughts

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