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Thread: Do you have a beach "at home"?

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    My Aunt had a house in south belmar 19th street, every summer, I would be there from early morning till closing, seemed like a forever walk to get to the beach, but always found a spot and loved every minute of it

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    anywhere there is a beach and water
    I grew up in the city and moved my kids to the cape 6.5 years ago. They have it so good, we have two beaches within walking distance (1 mile away) and the cape cod canal 1/3 of a mile away.... life is so good for these kids and they don't even realize it. In the summer, every waking moment that I am off from work, we are at the beach. Our 4th of july is the best, many of us have camp fires (which line the whole stretch of the beach) and there are many fireworks right in front of us... great time..

    First trip to Aruba down; many more to come


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    Catalina Beach (snorkling) Lighthouse Beach (Marriott) casino's Mirandi's, Moomba's,Wacky Wahoo,Barefoot, Suise Chalet Marriott Ocean Club pool bar DePalm Island
    Grew up on Long Island and still live in my family home!! 10 minutes from Long Island Sound and 30 minutes from Jones Beach, 40 minutes from Robert Moses Ocean beaches. Long Island has some of the most wonderful beaches!! A great place to grow up!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    I am saddened to have to say grew up with no beach close and still no beach close....not even a pool in backyard, although 2 of my family members have them and I can jump on golf cart to get there....never seem to go...too much work gathering all the equipment I need to go there, you know.....beach towel, rum, flipflops, rum, beach bag, rum, suntan lotion, rum, rum, rum......Oh, sorry I was just having a moment.....
    I always keep an emergency bottle of rum in the back of my car. You never know when you may run into an accident between a coke truck and a load of fresh limes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    The beach and boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ are pretty busy today for so early in the season.
    ARUBAMARk was present. For a little while anyway. I'm already complaining about the traffic.

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    I like your style!

    Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

    All the best,

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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