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Thread: English church service

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    English church service

    I'm wondering if anyone one is aware of a Christmas church service that is conducted in English.

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    I do know for sure

    St. Fransiscus Church (Catholic)
    Oranjestad Tel: 011 (297) 5821434
    Christmas Day Masses
    8 am, 10 am & 7 pm

    I could be wrong...But, I am betting the only English language service you will find would be at one of the timeshares.

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    I only know about Cathoic mass. Playa Linda Resort has Mass 4 pm Saturdays, Casa del Mar/Aruba Beach Club 5 pm Sunday. Santa Anna Church in Noord has English Mass at 11 am Sundays and holidays. Very little of the Mass at St. Fransiscus Church, Oranjestad is in English.

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    There is a service in English at the chapel on the grounds of the refinery. I am not sure of the demomination, but it is a very nice service. I have been to it the last few years and really enjoyed it. I think it was at 8:00 AM on Sunday. I will verify the day and time and add a post for it. . . . .

    Tom and Stanley

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