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    It seems as though more and more businesses and even government agencies are using Facebook for their psuedo websites. Is it just me or are people getting so lazy and reliant on social networking that they are forgoing genuine web pages now? I've never been a fan of "MyFace or SpaceBook" and I just don't get the point of a business using a facebook page as their main format for passing on whatever they are trying to sell or promote. Although I don't "get" the thrill or excitement folks get from these social websites, and I have no dislike for those involved, it just isn't for me. But I really like to search for something and have a site with related content and a .com, .org, .net url to click on. Most, but not all, facebook sites you have to be a member to see anything pertinent at all.

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    I think bigger businesses use FB in addition to their own website. It's another way to advertise. A FB page puts them into the consciousness of the prime buying demographic.

    Smaller businesses us FB as an inexpensive alternative to a website. There's no need to hire a website developer. They can just log on and go.

    I've noticed a few Aruban restaurants that rely on FB.

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    I prefer websites as well but more and more are going to facebook. I would guess it's because facebook is free. It can be expensive to build and maintain a website.

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    I prefer websites!
    but....Facebook is free.

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    Facebook is FREE to businesses so it does not carry the expense of web design. Most people are familiar with FB and it is user friendly so it would only be natural to list your business. If you are a FB user and it is easy to list your business and maintain the page yourself, whereas doing so on a webpage is more difficult for some.

    The downside which business owners may or may not realize is that with FB becoming more profit oriented they are not showing all posts by all businesses. You will be seeing more posts from businesses which pay to promote their page as well as businesses and people you interact with more. Also more and more businesses are paying for "likes".

    HERE is an excellent explanation of why you do not see all posts

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    I rely on Facebook for information from some of our favorite businesses and I prefer it for day to day updates. I like getting updates on specials or events that I may not know about had I not seen it on my news feed. I don't think it should take the place of a traditional website, but I definitely appreciate the info provided on the social network. I love logging on to Facebook on a break at work and seeing the beach photos posted by Jolly Pirates on their Facebook page of the beautiful sand and water.

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