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Thread: This is the first time I left Aruba early!!

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    This is the first time I left Aruba early!!

    I was planning on spending the 5 winter months in Aruba. When I get home the end of March, we were looking forward to having our first Grandchild in April. We found out it was a boy. On New Years Eve we get a call that our Sons wife was going into labor. Sure enough, New Years Eve we became Grandparents to a 4 month early little boy. His name is Decklin Wayne Gerber and he was 1 lb and 10 oz. That was a good reason to head back home to the cold!!! Decklin is now 18 days old and he has had 1 surgery with his intestines but he is really doing well. He was breathing on his own and with the technology now, they can do some amazing things with these preemie babies. Once his intestines heal, then they can start feeding him milk and then he will be able to start putting on some weight and hopefully someday will be like his Grandpa Aruba Bob. I know there is a lot of people that believe in prayer so if you have any room on your prayer list, that would be AWESOME!!!
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    Gothcha covered with the prayers.... well on the way to a happy life.... It's really cool being a Grandad...!

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    Definitely praying for little Decklin. He sounds like a fighter.

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    2,793're a great guy and will make a great "Papa". This little lad has your DNA, and will be a fighter. Look forward to meeting him in a few years in Aruba.

    God Bless.......
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    enjoy every second being a grandad. I sent my guardian angel to watch him.
    Blessing sent your way
    xo Cindy

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    Congratulations on your new grandchild. Your life will forever change as this little guy grows. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family. New technology is marvelous. I have four grandchildren and two great grandchildren and it is the highlight of our life.

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    Kent, may God watch over your family, I pray for your grandson.
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    Kent - we will be praying for your little fighter and your family.

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    Many blessings to the tiny babe.

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    Praying for your family.

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