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Thread: A follow up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randi View Post
    So glad to hear. Now you can start your Aruba planning, hopefully!
    Hi Randi...well our good Centrepoint Doctor has stated that until they are satisfied and give her a clean bill of health that there will be no trip. As you can imagine that is both an annoyance to her and a great motivator. Thank you for your concern
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    Glad to hear your wife is doing well and her tests came back ok. Chemo does save lives but is so powerful the side effects can be quite scary. I am happy you gave us an update. Continued positive thoughts for her and thanks for taking such care of your honey.

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    Great news. I wish it was fast and speedy but I at least its slow and steady.

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    Great news! Thanks for letting us know. Continued prayers as she continues to recover.
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    Great news John. Glad to hear Bobby is on the mend!! Hopefully see you 2 soon.
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    Thanks for the update John. Glad Bobbie is on the mend. Wishing you both the best!

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    Prayers for a speedier recovery.

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    Thanks for the update. Today's medicine with recovery is so amazing.
    Will continue to keep you all in our prayers and thoughts.
    Cyber hugs too

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    Great news! Slow and steady wins the race.

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    I have been thinking of both of you and wondering how things were. I am happy to hear the tests show positive results. We will be keeping you and your wife in our thoughts and prayers.

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