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Thread: forum member CORONA needs your Prayers or Positive thoughts

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    forum member CORONA needs your Prayers or Positive thoughts

    Hey all.

    Forum member Corona (Rick), had a stroke earlier in the week.
    His condition was critical and he is making progress.
    His wife Kellie, maybe "she is Corona"? , but i digress............
    Rick and Kellie were to be in Aruba right now......probably downing a few coronas watching the sunset on the beach. Aruba will have to wait.

    Currently his condition is better, he has some paralysis and some weakness and has partial blindness.

    I will relay Kellie's message that she just sent to me:

    "Rick has the drive and determination to recover, great medical care, and with prayer, he has all the greatest chance to overcome all the obstacles.

    I was wanting to let you know that the doctors finally found the cause of his stroke. At odds of 2 in 100,000, he had a dissection/tear in an artery in his neck that formed a blood clot that went to the right side of his brain. As rare as this is, it's the leading cause of strokes for people under 55. Senator Kirk from IL had a similar stroke last year.

    We did find out yesterday that he has blindness in the left half of each eye. He could recover that sight as time progresses, but even if it stays the same, he would still be legal to drive.

    He has had some random feeling return to his arm and leg on occasion, but today, we had the most positive news when he could feel my son massaging the arch of his foot, and he could identify the area Ryan was rubbing. Early next week, he'll be admitted to a rehabilitation hospital.

    If you feel it's appropriate, I would very much appreciate you asking the members to pray for my husband."

    so please forum members, please remember Rick in your prayers or please send some positive thoughts !!

    andrea james
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    Any Aruba beach...
    Our thoughts and prayers are certain with them both.

    Aruba will always be there.

    In recent years the medical profession has come such a long way in reversing the severe effects of strokes. Hopefully he will be better than new in no time at all.

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    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery

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    Best wishes for a compete recovery
    Prayers with you, they do work!!!

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    Any beach!!
    Thoughts and prayers go out to all as Corona works towards a full recovery. Hoping that with positive energy he will be better soon and planning for his next visit to Aruba

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    Prayers and positive thoughts for Rick and Kelli and the entire family. Good luck in rehab one day at a time and stay strong...hopefully Rick can picture beautiful Aruba in his mind while doing his rehab to make it easier. Rick sounds like a strong man so with all of our prayers I'm sure he will make a full recovery.

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to you guys...always love hearing from corona on the forum.. Hoping for a speedy he can go to aruba asap...



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    everywhere and anywhere
    my prayers and positive thoughts go out to the whole family in their time of stress....

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the family. Aruba is waiting to see you soon....... Get Well.......

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    Speedy recovery!

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