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Thread: GMES - Aruba Sponsor

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    GMES - Aruba Sponsor


    Morgan Spurlock, the creator of Supersize Me movie is now back in theaters with Greatest Movie Ever Sold. This new movie explores the world of product placement, advertising and marketing for everything in our lives. I don't think anyone can go a day without some message of someone trying to sell us something. This is not too serious of movie as much is toungue and cheek.
    Aruba is one of the sponsors of the movie. Check out the trailer:

    See you in October again!


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    "Pop open a bottle of Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice, heat up an Amy’s Kitchen frozen pizza, and check out this trailer for The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary about product placement in the entertainment business. “What I want to do,” the Oscar-nominated director of 2004’s Super Size Me explains on camera in the trailer, “is to make a film all about product placement, marketing and advertising where the entire film is funded by product placement, marketing and advertising.” Judging from these two and a half minutes of footage, all the companies that decided to place products in Spurlock’s film—there are cameos by Old Navy, JetBlue, the Aruba Tourism Authority, and Mane ‘n Tale shampoo (for horses), among others—got more than their money’s worth. If only Spurlock had been able to sell McDonalds on a Greatest Movie Ever Sold Happy Meal"

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