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Thread: Happy 100th post arubamark !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom View Post
    I live in Belle Mead, NJ, and some of my best friends are people from Colts Neck, NJ that I met at the Aruba Beach Club over 25 years ago.
    Funny you should mention Colts Neck. We go to Delicious Orchards there to buy 5lbs of pistacios to bring with us to Aruba every year. We snack on them on the plane, snack on them on the beach and also feed the Parrots them on Renaissance Island, they absolutely love them. I'll have to start another post on feeding the parrots pistacious for the Renassaince crew.

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    almost every aa lives in the tri-state area... ask the person next to you on the pool or beach and 9/10x they'll be from ny, nj, ct and perhaps bos. aruba is our little backyard.

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    You forgot RI, cindy

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