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Thread: Holland America Ship...tragic story

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    Holland America Ship...tragic story

    The Rhyndam (spelling?) had a tragedy...murder suicide.
    It was supposed to dock alongside in Aruba as a port of call of the 2 week journey.
    From what we have seen on the local news, the ship is still alongside in San Juan.

    The ship's home port is Tampa.

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    That's just awful! More and more you seem to hear horror stories about things that happen on cruise ships.

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    Wow I'm in shock!!! I've been on 20 cruises without incident thank god and I'm going on one in September to Bermuda but earlier this year I was thinking about cutting down on my cruise vacations. Me and my brothers own 2 weeks of timeshare in Orlando which I used 1 week every year to exchange to Aruba but they have not been using the other week so they are banked and piling on. I was thinking of perhaps using up these banked weeks to go to Aruba every 6 months instead of cruising.

    I've never been on Holland Cruise line but I remember a terrible tragedy on this cruise line where the cabin stewart raped and murdered a female passenger who was traveling solo. He just lost it because she was really rude to him and treated him like he was beneath her or like a peasant in his words.

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    Very sad... more of it going on.
    Prayers to their families and those involved.

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