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Thread: Home Makeover Extreme

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    Home Makeover Extreme

    One of my now grown swimming kids, was seriously injured in a car wreck a few yrs ago.
    Tonight 8 pm is the Home Makeover that he and his young family got from ABC tv and Ty Pennington and associates.
    The house is is Maynard, Ma, about 12 mi northwest of where he grew up (waltham).

    (during the episode the tv folks continually mispronounce the name.
    the name is Giunta pronounced Joonta. )

    Lots of Waltham folks were there to assist in the project and to scream "move that bus"

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    Thanks so much for posting the info. Its one of our favorite shows. Last weeks show was in the town I grew up in, Warwick, RI....knew the neighborhood !
    Thanks for the heads up...and happy mothers day ! cindyo

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