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Thread: Hows your weather

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    Hows your weather

    Ok we are getting tornadoes up here in Massachusetts.....what a wild day....I bet its nice in ARUBA



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    aruba weather is undoubtedly nicer than the severe weather activity in MA.

    here in lakeland, fla it has been 90 or better every day since march 31.

    today we had rain and it never got above 89 YES!!

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    Andrea, I just put on a fleece jacket!
    This front coming through is going to make things cooler and drier than it's been. As usual on the Cape, we went from cold damp weather to hot (low 70's) and sunny!
    Every TV channel is covering the severe weather in western MA -- tornadoes here, weird!!!

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    I'm in Central Massachusetts but have been lucky. All the storms have been going north and south of me. I decided to go out for a walk and half way thru noticed the sky getting very red...hmmm, better head home. Just made it to my front door and a thunderstorm hit. Springfield area hit very bad - a number of tornados reported. Strange weather everywhere in the country lately. Aruba sounds pretty good right now - but then again, anytime in Aruba sounds pretty good to me!

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    96 F. and heat index 116 F. here in HOTlanta.

    93 F. in Aruba today, but with a 20 mph surely did not feel as awful.

    God bless the families and loved ones of those injured or dead in Massachusetts.

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    Anywhere I can feel the sun and the nice aruban breeze!
    Here in Montreal, the weather is nice, finally. It has been raining heavily almost every 2 days during May and the houses bordering the Richelieu River that is north of Lake Champlain in the NY state have been flooded for more than a month in several cities. We had high winds yesterday coming from the New England depression which caused a lot of waves in the flooded area. We are expecting winds between 15 and 20 m/h again today. It is about time the water level goes down so that the people can start cleaning up and reconstructing their lives. I am lucky not to live in near proximity to the river and to have not been affected. I pray for all those that have been affected by the strange weather we are having this year, both in Canada and in the USA.

    Stay save!!
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    What a crazy night! Saw lightning like I have never seen before I'n New England. I would say it was wilder than some tropical storms I have seen. Looks like I still have all my vehicles and house but going out to survey everything. Hope everyone is well!

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    We, too, could not believe the lightning and storms that came through Western Mass and were all around us last night! We were fortunate to have escaped any damage to our property in spite of one tornado touching down just south of us about a mile away. Some family and friends weren't quite as lucky, as they had damage to their homes. Most importantly, though, is they were safe and unharmed. This morning is a beautiful cool morning which will help with the cleanup efforts.

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to those living in the areas with such bad weather this year. I hope everybody stays safe. We are lucky in Colorado to be missing out on most of the bad stuff. Spring has finally arrived - now if this wind would just stop - its not pleasant like it is in Aruba.

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