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Thread: If YOU won the Powerball..........What would you do with it?

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    Off to work,didnt win.

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    there is always the dream isn't there?

    on a good note, look how generous we were planning to be with giving the $ away to family members, friends and charitable giving?!
    next time........................

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    It was all we talked about at work yesterday - ha! Unfortunately, we'll all be back at our desks this morning as the winners were in Arizona and Missouri. As Andrea said - next time. The jackpot for the next one is already 40 million - nothing to sneeze at!!

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    I live in Missouri where one of the winning tickets was sold (the other one was Arizona). Technically I did win powerball but my winnings are slightly smaller that $580 million (more like $4). It paid for my tickets so I broke even which is a win in my book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyM View Post
    Pretty much the same as others:

    1. dance a happy dance
    2. hire professionals to help
    3. take care of family
    4. charities
    5. Buy house with a 10 car garage
    6. Buy 10 cars
    7. travel
    8. repeat as needed

    1A Tear up ticket
    2A Do my own taxes
    3A Christmas shop @ the Dollar Store
    4A Fewer Charities
    5A Keep condo with two parking spaces
    6A Keep Honda
    7A Going to Aruba in January
    8A DAMN!

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    Back to work after another lost investment. I decided to match what I spent in Powerball tickets and donate to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

    Guess I'll just have to wait until June to visit Aruba.

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