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Thread: I'm A Grandma (photos of new grandson)

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    I'm A Grandma (photos of new grandson)

    I'm finally a grandmother. Tina and Brad delivered Gage by C section three days ago. At 8 lbs. 9 oz. Gage didn't want to be delivered naturally. Since Tina is a diabetic the baby had to stay overnight in ICU to monitor his sugar. Everyone is fine and they are on their way home now to introduce baby Gage to Thunder, their dog.

    Here are some pictures.

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    Liz and family,
    That was really nice of you to share the video with us.What a beautiful baby.Now when do the grandparents babysit.Enjoy him he will be grown up to fast.
    Again Thank You and God Bless baby Gage

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    Liz...thank you for sharing your new family member with us. He is beautiful !
    Enjoy every second of being grandparents... XOXOOXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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    Congrats and God Bless, he's adorable!!
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