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Thread: Interested in comparing "LIKES"?

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    thanks for 'splainin.

    i was just going to give it a LIKE, but ya know.....

    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    Oooh! I know the answer to this one! We have to go waaaay back to my university days (before the internet was a "thing" and it was still AARPANET and IRC)... my first course in site design (which were really just bulletin boards back then) --> likes were originally designed to highlight something of interest to an individual on a bulletin board that they think some of their peers might be interested in - domino effect for directing traffic to topics/ideas - especially in science arenas.

    It was the precursor to full-blown reviews on sites like Amazon which, sadly, in a lot of instances, are now rigged.

    I watch the "likes" certain users give to a post because I find we share the same interests.

    The user associated tally/ledger was an indication of how discriminating a user would be, Judicious use can be an indicator that the person thinks something is really worth looking at.

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