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Thread: iPod?

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    straight up I-95 N
    approx 260 miles from your neck of the woods
    exit 127
    the drive will be a good learning experience for her

    i will work on it this afternoon and maybe call the nice folks in india that apple outsources to. i really do hate to appear to be an idiot to these kind and helpful techs.

    or maybe i will take a nap instead

    i did manage to load on (all by myself) a bunch of elton john, trans siberian orchestra, jimmy buffett, beach boys, clancy brothers, celtic women, irish tenors, beatles, p,p and mary and streisand cds..............about 800 songs.

    does anyone else have difficulty getting those earbud things to stay in their ears properly without pain and or without falling out?
    sure as shootin i cannot master that either.

    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    Well, i would send my teenager up there, but its to far for her to drive....
    That kid had mastered the ipod stuff, to bad she can't master the SAT's...cindy

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    Hey andrea, We're going to see trans siberian orchestra in Providence on Dec. 10th...I love them and their show at Christmas. We also love Manheim Steamroller and have seen them in concert...funny that you mention them.
    Now, Kate came home after taking some survery at school on what she would be good's what she says when she gets in the car....I would be good at public speaking, a funeral director, a choreograher, a dulea, mental health professional, an adoption couselor...GO FIGURE ! Not one common thread... Not one of them has anything to do with what she wants to be a....a nurse, well dulea I, you can see what I am talking about....SAT's are a big problem here...ipods, no problem....Oh yah, she can't read a map to save her life, so don't be expecting here b4 Christmas....

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    show me how to delete stuff from the ipod?
    Connect your iPod to iTunes.

    "To delete an item from your library:

    Click the item to select it and then press the Delete key.

    When you delete an item from your library (remove it from the iTunes window), you are asked whether to keep it on your hard disk (or wherever it is stored) or delete it from your computer.

    Removing an item from a playlist doesn't remove it from your iTunes library or your computer. Deleting a playlist or folder doesn't remove the songs from your library or hard disk.

    When you delete a folder, all the playlists and folders inside that folder are also deleted.

    You might not be able to remove songs from a Smart Playlist that has "Live updating" turned on, because the playlist is continually updated."

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    "Tenderoni", by Chromeo; a Canadian techno/funk duo and "You are my Sunshine" by Johnny Cash. Also, Arubamark, since you enjoy techno/dance/trance, this is the streaming radio I listen to while I am at my desk.
    [SIGPIC]Augusta !

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    I kinda sick right now... I like to listen to the Remedy of Jason Mraz it make me kinda well somehow

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