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Thread: Isn't it funny...

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    Isn't it funny...

    Isn't it funny how you wait for this vacation to come, and wait and wait....
    then you only have a week left and you are like....I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

    I'm sitting here thinking. I have laundry, gotta go to the bank, gotta get some things from the store, gotta get the suitcases out, pedicure (toes have to look good), haircut, get groceries for my pet sitter, get travel documents together, actually pack....etc. And I only have a week to do it before my 6am flight next saturday. Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow when I have more motivation.

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    LOL Sounds just like us! I even did clothes shopping the week we were leaving but it all came together and I didn't forget a thing! I think it adds to the excitement of the trip!

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    I even took the day off prior to travelling to get it all done, and still found myself packing at 10pm the night before our 7am flight! It doesnt feel like vacation, without the last minute panic~

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    We're closing on a house just 2 weeks before our flight to Aruba. I'm going to pack my Aruba bag and make sure it stays in my car for fear of not being able to find it or my clothes when we move.

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    I get everything ready a few day's before we leave!! Pack night before, then I just have to decide what to take and not to take!! Do shopping for a few new things about a week before!! But I do have all the sunblock, snacks and snorkle gear ready weeks before we go.

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