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Thread: Labor Day Weekend Plans

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    Labor Day Weekend Plans

    first off i have to hustle and hurry to lock in a male stripper for Cindy's birthday!
    still working on it!

    Our Labor Day Weekend plans include a riding lesson, the windsor country fair, a noon time tea party tomorrow for my niece's 7th birthday, and hosting bar b q on sunday.

    Those of you that are not on Aruba for the long weekend.......what are your plans?


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    Any Aruba beach...
    Our "other daughter" , dd's bff, is already firmly ensconced for the weekend. Her parents said they will take her back on Sunday.

    With 90 degree temps, the waterpark was considered but is out with bff's broken arm. She was out playing daredevil (with Michele? ) so other than some errands we'll be sticking close to home.

    In Glenn's honor , it is no El Gaucho , but there will most likely be some grilling of Certified Angus Beef accompanied by yours truly's homemade salads.

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    Cutting lawn, celebrating Cindyo's 39th with her parents tonight, sitting poolside Sunday and Monday drinking rum creations! Contemplating closing down pool as the 9 months of New England winter are nearly upon us. Trying to figure out how to spend November 4th now that McCain has picked Barbie for VP.
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