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Thread: Logan airport...forgive my tirad...Mass state police ??

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    Logan airport...forgive my tirad...Mass state police ??'s a good story...
    We arrive at the food court at AA logan airport for breakfast on friday Dec 11th around 7:30 ish. Our flight is #1013 to aruba at 10:35...
    A family of 6, consisting of 2 parents, 2 grandparents and 2 children; girl around 10 and boy around 5 and also sits down for food. We aren't far from them.
    The daughter, 10 or so, is drinking her milk. Mother reaches over and puts a cover on it. The daughter throws a nutty, and I mean nutty...HUGE scene occurs.
    Mom takes daughter over to the side to calm her down, makes no headway in at least 15 minutes. Screams, yells while sitting on the floor. Mom is sqatting down beside her. The screams are loud and you couldn't possibly ignore them.
    Mom makes no headway and takes daughter back to table still carrying on.
    Meanwhile it has caught the attention of the enitre food court, and me of course...
    Dad, big huge guy, grabs the kid by the arm while back at the table, screams at her that they are leaving. Pulls her by the arm, and throws her. She lands on the floor and hits one of the tables. YES...this is true and hard to believe.
    Kids screams more. No one at their table reacts.
    Three Mass. State police arrive and take the dad, mom and kid to the side.
    Kid still crying. loudly. Dad gets questioned seperately, mom on the other side of food court gets questioned, and one police sits next to the kid at the table.
    Good ole grandparents sit there..hmmm...Maybe they are used to this and really don't care...hmmm.
    This has become the entire focus of the food court. You could drop a pin and hear it.
    Well, we leave, not knowing whats going to happen. We thank our lucky stars that this nut case family isn't on our flight.
    QUESS WHAT, they freaking got on our plane and sit behind, yes, behind us.
    They smile at, give them a nasty look to let them know I have just witnessed the lovely show they put on. Our row was 34 just in case anyone wants to know..
    Rob heads up to the front to tell the stewardess/steward and pilots just in case this kid pulls a nutty in the air and the plane has to come down.
    The mom and dad say nothing to one another. The daughter sits with the grandparents. Boy sits with mom and dad. question is why the heck did the police let this disfunctional family on the plane?? The dad should have gone directly to jail.
    Now, the next kicker is we ran into them every single day of our vacaction for 5 days straight. They were at the Surf Club for the week, we them saw them at various locations including the Westin. They appeared to be pool hopping, and probably thought they would never see us again...
    So, our plane gets canceled for sunday and we have to fly home monday.
    We get to the crying room, get comfortable, and quess who arrives...the crazy family again.
    Quess who throws a nutty in the crying room..the little boy. He has a melt down and carrrys on for 10-12 minutes...
    We just can't believe this is happening. Great parents of 2 crazy, undisiplined kids, huh???
    We're thinking, OMG, they will be behind us now.
    We get on and get seated. They never showed up on the plane.
    Maybe the Aruban police got em??
    Now, if I felt it was the right thing to do I would post their picture. Jen managed to take their picture while they were creeping around the pool at the Westin. IF I knew their name I would write DSS.
    Thats the story..unbeliievable huh?
    All we can think of is the girl was placed in the custody of the grandparents.
    So, this is the kickoff to our vacation.

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    nothing surprises me anymore.
    the MA state troopers undoubtedly have seen much worse and this was a "nothing" to them , :-(
    there is much room for discussion on mandatory sterilization huh?

    all the people in the world that are childless not by their choice......seems so unfair... that the doormat mom and the abusive dad have these 2 children.

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    Honestly, I don't even have words for this sad situation and for me, that's rare. It just makes me sick, the whole thing. So sorry you had to witness something so terrible.

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    i read your post aloud to paul and he had 2 words re: the kids "bodysock"
    and 1 word re: the dad "death"
    my husband a man of few words

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    Cindy, if I only knew that was you They should of thrown the father across the floor.

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    OMG, I can't believe that they were with you at the airport, not to mention all over Aruba!!
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    there is much room for discussion on mandatory sterilization huh?
    I always say, and continue to say, that the government should issue breeders' licenses before having kids.

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