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Thread: Luggage Recommendations?

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    Luggage Recommendations?

    It's time for us to buy new luggage. I am looking for recommendations based on quality and value. We want something that will last more than just a few flights and baggage handling.

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    We have Heys Lightweight Hardside luggage. Our first purchase was about 4+ years ago and we swear by it. It has survived flights to NJ, Houston and Aruba as well as a couple of cruises. The hard luggage enables us to safely pack bottles of Amstel Bright (cushioned by clothing) in the middle of the suitcases when returning from Aruba.

    We bought the Heys Cruzer 2 and LOVED it!! Now we have an xcase-XL and it is an even better product. They now have out Cruzer 3. It looks like they have reinforced the corners which will make it even better!

    As an added tip. We bought our sets in orange. It makes finding your luggage whether on a carousel or line, like at the airport in Aruba, EXTREMELY easy to find!

    Shop around online for the best pricing.

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    I recently replaced my travelpro luggage issued by my company with a Zuca pro series bag and backpack. The internal organizing bags really help organize and minimize the items you pack.

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    I have carried a Samsonite garment bag stuffed full to Aruba and other locations for the past 12-13 years. It still looks as good as new.

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