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Thread: Marathon Bombing, Watertown/Belmont/Waltham/Boston lockdown

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    Caught alive in a boat in someones yard
    won't be using that boat for sure
    bravo to watertown,ma people who all cooperated and got this done

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    My thoughts and prayer go to everyone there,, I'm glad they caught him

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    Thank you to ALL law enforcement officials :)

    Marathon Bombing, Watertown/Belmont/Waltham/Boston lockdown-420737_10150678463747250_1132619942_n.jpg
    There is now a reason to cheer!!!
    Suspect in custody.

    God rest those that died.
    Godspeed the recovery of the injured.

    Boston and Watertown WILL recover.

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    So happy this person has been brought in and alive so hopefully will get some useful info from him to avoid future problems. I could not take my eyes off the tv yesterday/last night! It is a miracle the man who originally found him in the boat did not get shot at. Hopefully Boston and surrounding areas can sleep tight now and go back to living/working and a normal routine. Can't wait to watch my Red Sox today once I figure out what tv channel they are on newspaper says NESN but my tv directory is showing the Bruins???? Hopefully it will be NESN so I can see my Remdawg and Don :-)

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    Welcoe to Boston!

    3000 days to get Bin Laden..... only 4 to take care of the Tsarnaev brothers!!! Welcome to Boston you FOOLS!!!

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