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Thread: miami restaurants by chef kasi

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    miami restaurants by chef kasi

    I just had a couple of Dinners here in Miami believe me Aruba's "Good" Restaurants are a Bargain against those Prices here and if you are not a Foody or out of the Restaurant Business you will need a personal translator to read the Menu .

    Food was good but way to much playing around with the words Fusion and Kobe.

    My favorite Meal was at Zuma in the Epic Hotel, if you ever come to Miami make a Reservation,yes there are Expensive but this one is worth the $$$$$$ I also have to mention Prime one Twelve one of the Best Restaurants out there fallowed by Sugarcane in the Design District .

    My Biggest disappointment was De Vito's in South Beach what a Disaster Dinner.
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    kasi....i was in miami a few months before we were in aruba and i totally agree....some of the descriptions were just nuts. lol we loved prime 112 and also the forge. dewey gave us a meal to remember. (not as good as the night we dined with you guys though!) i will put sugarcane on the list for next time. we also ate at devito' was a corporate dinner....i was NOT impressed. i figured if i was ordering off the regular menu i would have tried different things....but even a corporate event should have been good.

    my hubby said to thank you for our wonderful night....he will never forget it!

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