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Thread: mortgage rates

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    mortgage rates

    On Monday I looked into a refi for my home, today I had the appraisal completed, they move fast. I am looking to drop from 4.75 ouch to 3.5%. Monthly savings $167 equals just over $2k a year. So that is the equivelent of 4 free tixs to my fav island, just gotta hope my home value comes in okay, we will c.

    Many of my coworkers are doing the same, we are all using diff lenders, lol. I will not close for another 30 to 60 days so I can not recommend my soon to b lender.

    Thought I would share since I look @ money in terms of always taking another trip. For example, if I cut my own lawn, which I do not, I would save enough $ for 2 tix, lol.

    Next year I wana go over nov and over xmas so I am trying to plan as xmas time is pricey.

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    Great to hear you can reduce your expenses. Hope everything works out.

    Enjoy the Aruba trips!

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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