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Thread: my crazy neighborhood...those who know the escapades here...

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    my crazy neighborhood...those who know the escapades here...

    Many know the antic's in my neighborhood, so here's todays news worthy event...2 houses down from is surrounded by 3 cop cars, 5 other cars, and the medical examiners truck/van vehicle...Now what could this be....? I don't even know them either.
    To add to this colorful neighborhood, and to put things in perspective here, one neighbor has his plain,undecorated,silver Christmas tree standing in the bay window, and it has been there for 4 weeks, another neighbor has his home still decorated like Macy's herald square and lite up at nite. Yesterday I pulled into the driveway and 2 beautiful deer were in my front garden eatting my lilac bushes, while 10 full size turkeys cross my side yard....
    We should be on a sitcom...or extreme neighborhood makeover.
    Life here is interesting...

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    Boy and I thought our neighborhood was "interesting".

    Next door neighbor who does not speak to us, which is fine by us- they can keep their moldy sided house- beat his wife one night a couple of months in a drunken stupor and was hauled off by the cops.

    A week ago Sunday the house around the corner was burglarized and set on fire. Turns out it was the "ex" boyfriend of the woman living there. They arrested him in Florida.

    ...and let me tell you, we live in a rural I saw the sweetest sight coming home from an errand. A mother cow licking the head of a new born calf. Aw....

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    HMMM, lets see. Quiet neighbor, polite kids, no cops the only bad apple is-------Me. No kidding, My hood is very peaceful. We got the deer, turkeys,eagles, coyote but Arubalisa you got me on the cow.

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