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Thread: My NJ friends..St Patty's parade in Belmar

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    My NJ friends..St Patty's parade in Belmar

    This Sunday, I'm always there acting like an A$$, anyone wanna join us. I know, I'm Polish but Sunday I will be Irish for one day. If you plan on being there let me know, I have a pre party at my pad food and beers then we are off. Sabretts and saurkraut / cooked onoins, cracked rock crabs claws with my homemade dipping sauce, coconut shrimp and TJ baileys burgers. We have a van service so no driving for us, come on and join the party!!!!! Man up let's do this!!!

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    Sounds like time for someone to plan a road trip! Wish were were closer...Even have a place to stay next to Jumping Brook.

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    Now that sounds like a good party, wish I were closer!! Have a happy Pre St. Patty's day celebration!!

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    Have other plans otherwise would take the drive down the GSP, have a great time, sounds like you got the plan " Party Hearty "

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