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Thread: never forget sept 11 , 2001

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    never forget sept 11 , 2001

    Sad day.
    Dear husband lost 3 co-workers.
    One of my classmates from high school, perished as well.
    Dear son lost a high school history teacher that was on his way to begin a 6 month sabbatical to work on his phd.

    A sorry mess this world is today.

    When the airports around the country shut down for a period of time (was it a week?) the folks/tourists let "stranded" on aruba were treated to much hospitality and kindness. The Arubans cried many tears for their friends, the Americans. We, the Americans were most grateful.

    never forget sept 11 , 2001-1185724_411056052329089_1281285342_n.jpg

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    So hard. Even after 12 years. So many things replaying in my head. My husband watched the 2nd plane hit from his office window, my daughter watched the South Tower collapse from her 3rd grade classroom window. My office is empty today - it's just me sitting here, remembering. My phones have been quiet all day.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Funny the things you never forget....where I was when the news of JFK came in,,,,even as a child I remember the day perfectly....and of course exactly where I was on 9/11....even remember the conversations as we watched the TV as the news came in AND as the 2 tower fell.....
    Not things we should have to remember....worse is that people use religion to cause such chaos and terror.......
    I don't even know how we as humans will ever figure out how to just get along......we need God's help so much

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