as we have discussed by messaging, this is so heartbraking and frustrating.

remember though, this too shall pass.
she (the mother) will ultimately fail in her "mothering" and the grandkinds will need your nurturing, love, guidance again.

re: the mother...........karma is a _________!
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Off the topic from our little trip..
Sad news for us. We have be caring and providing for 2 of DH grandkids for over 4 yrs. Their mother was granted visitation rights and we did agree to that.
Even let the kids stay longer so they can spend more time with her and other family members...
Well she went back to court with the kids requesting they can return with her full time. The judge awarded this cause kids belong with their bio family.
Just sad, heart broken and scared. Scared that she will not provide them with the structure, discipline, love and caring home we did.
Two great kids with awesome grades .. both high honors and A"s and entering dual enrollment were they take college classes and HS classes the same time ;
where they can obtain 2yrs of college for free.. while still in HS
She enrolled them in a tech school for a trade.. they need to be challenge.. took us many yrs to get them where they are.
What's sadder and more heartbreaking is that they are staying nearby and haven't called or visit.