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Thread: Only in Aruba #2

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    Only in Aruba #2

    Well, another funny minute. I needed to have a small job done at the Villa. I found the appropriate trades person and we spoke and agreed on things. Late in the afternoon we received a call from these folks. Although we had given them our address, they were lost ( and these are locals!!!)

    Here is the exact quote from the person coming to do the work....." I don't know where you live but I will be there in 10 minutes" We laughed. How can anyone commit to be at a location they don't know within 10 mins??? Only in Aruba.

    PS....They arrived about 30 mins later and only after a detailed cell phone call and giving them street by street instructions.

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    That always stuns me ... taxi drivers that don't know where Gold Coast is... um, okay.

    That being said, we always tell people: "You're never more than ten minutes away in Aruba." Maybe the locals are following that mantra now too?!?

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    Sounds like something my sister would say.

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