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Thread: Orlando Police Raid 9 Timeshare Businesses

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    Exclamation Orlando Police Raid 9 Timeshare Businesses

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Close to 20 people could end up facing charges after they were taken in for questioning when Orlando police raided nine timeshare businesses on Wednesday. Detectives believe the businesses are all part of an elaborate operation that scammed people all across the country out of their hard-earned cash.

    WFTV was at one timeshare location on Lake Ellenor Drive (see map) as investigators with the Economic Crimes division of the Orlando Police Department hauled off large bags, dry-erase boards and boxes of evidence.

    Police said these companies take money up front to rent or sell people’s timeshares, but then don't deliver any results. Detectives think there could be timeshare owners not only in Central Florida, but across the country and even into Canada, who may have been victimized by the people who worked at these businesses.

    “A lot of people are being victimized and no one is taking action, so it’s about time someone does something about it,” said Cynthia Haley of the Orlando Police Department.

    Police said the nine companies that were raided are all connected, and may be related to other companies under investigation. One of the companies goes by the name of Jams Management.

    WFTV has reported at least four other timeshare company raids in 2011. Police believe the suspects try to move from location to location to avoid being caught.

    So far, no arrests have been made to the 17 people taken into custody, but detectives said that could change on Thursday. Police also seized two cars during the raid on Lake Ellenor Drive. The addresses of the other raid locations were not released.


    Here's the groups involved as reported elsewhere:

    Jams Management of Central Florida, Resorts Condos Management, Global Resort Condos Plus and Superior Vacation Marketing, which apparently operate out of both Florida and Texas. A fellow named Jamie Aquino appears to be the main man.

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    Thanks for sharing! We purchased another timeshare last year through a friend. Glad to see the company we used to transfer everything is not on this list.

    Get me back to Aruba!

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