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Thread: Other islands

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    Other islands

    Has anyone been to Antiqua, likes?dislikes?

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    my husband and I went a few years ago, prior to our first trip to aruba. It is okay. the town is a dump, very poor looking, definitely wouldn't go there at nite. i'm sure if you go and stay at an all inclusive like sandals, those grounds are nice but they have the most horrible roads, especially in town. they actually instead of gutters, have ditches on the side of the road so when my husband drove, i'd be like left, right, left to avoid all the huge, huge, huge potholes and ditches. it is very poor. i would NEVER venture out by myself like I do in aruba. I wouldn't as a rule worry about anything in aruba. of course everywhere has their problems but i feel totally safe in aruba. there is absolutely no no no shopping there. the people seem nice but for the most part, its really a nothing island. truthfully, i wouldn't recommend it. i didn't hate it but i have no desire to ever return there.

    like i said, if you go to sandals and stay there and never leave, then go for it. sandals is beautiful but seriously, what's the point of going to an island you have to stay in the complex. it makes no sense to do that.

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