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Thread: Passport renewal question

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    When I renewed mine about 4 yrs ago after I got married, they sent my old one back with a small hole punched through it so that it was invalid. I BELIEVE they came together, but it was a few years ago. The procedures are always changing. They have changed since I first applied for my infant son's this past summer. Leave it to the government! ; )

    I was glad they sent it back because it's so nice to look back at the old stamps and remember past trips.

    Hope you get yours back soon.

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    I received mine under separate cover about 3 weeks later. I have all my passports dating back to 1977. Now that's a lot of miles!!!!

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    Both my husband and I have renewed a couple of times now. We've always had our old ones returned to us within a few weeks after the new ones arrived.
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    The old passports have arrived, about ten days after the new ones! Nice to have them!

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    That is great windy

    Wish we were so lucky

    I got miine real quickly after sending the renewal but when I called the state dept info help person I was told no returning of the old ones. I bet the person I spoke to was a former Verizon wireless phone rep. Hahahaha
    QUOTE=Windy;215973]The old passports have arrived, about ten days after the new ones! Nice to have them! [/QUOTE]

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