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Thread: Photo Albums and such...?

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    Photo Albums and such...?

    How often do you go back and look at various photo albums and/or scrap books? With the digital age fully upon us, I hear of people regularly frequenting blogs, online photo sites, and such, but do you pull out those dusty albums and flip through them?

    While rearranging some things here at the northern shack, I came across a bunch of photo books with actual printed pictures in them. Most are 20 years or so ago. It was interesting to see the images and then look at some of the other items, receipts and whatnot.

    Sadly, it dawned on me that I don't have a proper album for Aruba. After all these visits, this is downright shameful. I'm going to start one this summer, collecting scattered photos and stuff from before and keep it current going forward.

    Bon dia.

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    44...good luck with that project.
    I have been there trying to do it. I find that I stop and look at each picture, think about it, and so has taken me forever because I am in the slow lane of memory lane.
    It definately is fun !

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