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Thread: Prayers for DH (Tom) please!

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    Prayers for DH (Tom) please!

    Tom is in the hospital with a blood clot in the lung. A CT Scan showed that lymph nodes in his chest are also enlarged so a biopsy was done. We were both feeling pretty optimistic today as they talked about releasing him tomorrow with a prescription for blood thinners. Then tonight I got a call with the preliminary biopsy results. The nurse practitioner started the conversation with "this is the best possible result as it's the most treatable"! Not sure I agree! Preliminary results show a form of post transplant lymphoma. So he'll have Chemo to look forward to. ''Sorry, to post a negative on our One Happy Island forum!!!! Unfortunately we will be cancelling our Thanksgiving trip but will look forward to scheduling a new trip once Chemo is completed!could really use a few extra prayers!!!!!!!!!!

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    OH NO
    many many many prayers for tom and for you too.

    the NP is probably right.

    cyber hugs from 1300 miles away to you both.

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    Oh Peggy, I am so sorry! I will definitely be praying for you and Tom! Please keep us posted. Dianne

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    I too am so sorry and sending big prayers your way. May God watch over you and Tom.

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    Many prayers and hugs heading your way..
    If you need anything please let us know..

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    Oh Peg when I saw your post I was afraid to open and read it. Prayers for Tom and yourself coming your way. Just when things are going so smooth something seems to 'hit us" when not expecting. I hope Tom stays positive, he has been thru so much we know how strong he is. I know you will be strong for him as well but you will be continued in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted, if you feel like emailing me please do so I am always here for you as you were for me.
    Brenda and Ray
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    So sorry you and Tom are facing this diagnosis! Sending up prayers for both of you!!

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    Peg.... best thoughts and prayers.....

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    Thinking of you and Tom, best wishes and lots of prayers!

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    Our Prayers are with Tom for a complete recovery.

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