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Thread: Really Stupid Employees

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    Really Stupid Employees

    Bank's thumbprint rule irks man born with no arms

    Sep 2, 3:20 PM (ET)

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - A Florida man born without arms says a Tampa
    bank would not let him cash a check because he couldn't provide a

    Steve Valdez didn't have an account at a Bank of America location
    in downtown Tampa, where he tried to cash a check from his wife
    last week. However, Valdez has prosthetic arms and is unable to
    provide a thumbprint. He says he presented two forms of
    identification but was still denied.

    He says a bank manager told him he could either come back to the
    bank with his wife or open an account himself.

    Bank of America spokeswoman Nicole Nastacie says the bank has
    apologized to Valdez. Nastacie says the bank should have "offered
    alternative requirements if an individual is not able to give a

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    sometimes i wonder how these kind of folks have the smarts to even climb out of bed in the morning.

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