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Thread: Red Cross Donation we made

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    Red Cross Donation we made

    As some of you know we do a fireworks cruise on the boat every Thursday. This year we asked everyone to donate $5 for every trip they wanted to go on. The money wasn't for us or the boat we decided whatever we raised we would match and donate to the Red Cross. Here is the letter the sent us.

    For one---THANK YOU. I am truly touched and humbled by your kindness and generosity. Iím sure words CAN express it, but I donít think I can find just the right ones to describe how I feel about this.
    My heart dropped from joy and tears welled up as Robyn told me and a few Board members about your generous gesture. I knew that you were considering hosting a fundraiser for our Armed Forces program, but I didnít realize that you had gone through with it. That alone was amazing. But to hear that you are also matching it and donating money to our Measles Initiative?! This is a program that I hold dear to my heart, as I know that such a small amount can make such a huge difference. And I also understand the need, as I learned recently from our headquarters that due to lack of funding, they may cut campaigns. Cutting campaigns=no vaccinations=kids contracting measles=an increased risk of them dying. Your efforts are literally helping to save lives. To me, that is huge. When a person donates $1, thatís huge to me! Knowing that you came in around $1,000?! That is remarkable. Your $1,000 will help to vaccinate about 1,125 children! That is a tremendous difference, in the lives of all of those children, and the lives of their families, for now their child will live to see another day. To say thank you to you is not enough, but it is a start. Thank you. I am truly grateful.

    With thanks, humility, and love,


    Cleo Hendrickson
    Director of Community Initiatives
    ŐAmerican Red Cross
    Jersey Coast Chapter-Regional Office
    1540 West Park Avenue
    P.O. Box 131
    Tinton Falls, New Jersey 07724
    (732) 493-9100 ext. 1258
    (732) 493-8871 fax

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