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    I wonder with all that has happened in Venezuela if it will impact the refinery plans in San Nicolaas. Venezuela sure doesn't have much money in reserv based upon recent news reports
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    Unfortunately, the previous Aruban government lead by Mike Eman(AVP) left Aruba in financial ruins. Fake growth, manipulation with budget numbers, cheaply built infrastructure projects(green corridor/watty vos blvd) and to top it all off a deal with a narco state(Venezuela). We are now left with 86% debt to GDP and some would say over 100% if you count the failed infra projects where lenders are threatening to pull out. They doubled or almost tripled the debt which was at around 44% to GDP when they took office. They even manipulated a nice chunk of voters into believing that Citgo had nothing to do with Venezuela.

    Everyone warned them. I did, the US did. Every person with a single grain of thought knew that this deal would fail given the political unrest(full blown dictatorship) and because half of Citgo was already put up as collateral to ROSNEFT(russia) for a loan. Venezuela was and is broke. Yet, they still went through with it for their own petty political game. Its disgusting.
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